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  1. I actually just asked this via support ticket and here is the response: 1. I am guessing you are meaning if the hoses are on top or on bottom? If so then no it does not matter. I wish they would clarify these type of questions in the manual or provide a link to a FAQ. I have my own issue: The pump on my 140xl makes a very high-pitched whine when run on a power fan header. If I plug it into a header that I have control over in BIOS I need to bring it down to around 40% before it become tolerable to me. I think my ears are more sensitive than average and I literally had ringing in my ears for an hour after turning my PC off yesteday. My question is, do they all make this noise? I did find a few people complaining but not enough to determine the answer. I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done (I have a ticket in and am waiting for a reply) regarding the unit that I have so thinking ahead, not sure if exchanging the unit is an option. I just don't want to end up shipping it back for an exchange just to find out that this noise is present on all the units.
  2. Attached are some photos. 2 140mm fans are not visible but in the front of the enclosure. I plan to swap the forward upper fan to a 140mm unit and maybe add a bottom 120mm fan. Not sure about the bottom fan since I have one more graphics card and it will blow against the graphics card fans... not sure if it will help temps or not. But right now my main concern is the CPU temp. I checked the thermal paste application and it looked good. I re-did it anyway with a little less paste but it didn't help.. actually I think temps went up by a degree or so. I'm using Arctic Silver 5. On the PWR-FAN header the pump reports about 7000 RPM in the BIOS. Not sure if that is real RPM or not since the pump obviously is not a fan. Turning it down to about 4000 RPM (using a header with voltage control) makes the whine bearable.
  3. Hi, I just purchased a Nepton 140XL for a new 4790k build with an ASRock Z97 Extreme6 and Fractal Design R4. This is my first liquid cooler and I have some questions. Here goes: 1. Does orientation or the radiator in the case matter? 2. How much thermal compound should be applied? I usually use about the size of one grain of rice on socket 1150 CPUs but the Nepton water block surface is much more rough than on the air-cooler contact surface I've used in the past. 3. Fans are current wired via the Y-cable to the 4-pin CPU1 header and the pump is on the 3-pin CPU2 header. Speed in BIOS is controlled together for both CPU1 and CPU2. Should the pump be run at full speed all the time or is it OK to control the fans & pump together? I'm concerned that the pump will not flow sufficiently at low fan speed. There is a 3-pin PWR-FAN header than I believe supplies 12V all the time that I could use but I don't think I would get a warning if the pump fails. Also, the pump emits a very high frequency noise when I have it connected to the PWR-FAN connector that I find annoying. Not sure if that is normal. 4. I have it pulling in air from the back of the case and will have a 140mm fan on top pulling air out. Does this sound like a good way to go or is there a more preferred option? 5. When I load my 4790k with Prime95 CPU core temp reaches 80oC on the hottest core. CPU is not overlocked. This is much higher than what is shown on the box. Does it indicate that there is a problem? Thanks! addendum: Regarding #3, most posts I found suggest that pump should be run at 100%, but it whines really bad when plugged into the PWR-FAN header... it's not bearable for more than a few minutes.