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  1. Thanks Pim! I made sure they were connected, and then I checked the Bios on the AsRock Mobo, and I set it to manual and tried to adjust the fan speed, but they kept running at full speed. Not sure its a problem with the controller on the Mobo or what. Anyways the Cougars do just fine, even under load when playing Diablo III, MechWarrior Online and Starcraft III, it maxes out at 40 degrees C. (I haven't started OCing yet) So its keeping nicely chilly with the 120 Cougars blowing down over the radiator. It will drop even more cooling once I get the 140's ordered to replace the 120s. The product is great! Except trying to register the serial number, Its a PAIN!!!!! And doesn't work. I sent in a ticket for support, but have yet to hear anything back yet.
  2. I originally purchased a Nepton 240M at MicroCenter, but the water pump was bad, so I took it back. I saw they had a $20 rebate on the Nepton 280L WC so I thought HEY! I will get that! The 240M fit ok in the top of my Zalman GS1000 Tower, but I had to put the fans on the outside of the case because if I had them directly mounted to the rad, they would rub up against the motherboard and memory. Here is how it looked installed, before I had to take it back due to the pump not working. Top mounted fans in a push configuration. I had to make a template for the 280L as that it was bigger than the top casing would allow. So I copied the template onto the top of the case's sheet metal and I proceeded to cut out the metal to allow me to rest the rad on top of the case and us the fans in a pull configuration. With the rad mounted on top of the case, the fans below fit perfectly! I then added some electrical tape around the edges due to some jagged cuts and it would almost help in any possible noise vibration. The radiator matched up with my template cut out and I was able to use the dual JetFlo 140 fans in a pull configuration. But now I had my two 120 Cougar fans siting around collecting dust, so I thought, why not make it a Push/Pull configuration And then I added two dust covers to the Cougars to help with excess dust. Then I got the pump attached to the motherboard to keep my new AMD FX 8320 nice and cool... Here is a little more zoomed out view of the internals of the case After getting all that put together, I fired it up. OMG!!! Those JetFlo fans sounds like you are in a server room!!!! Sooooooooooooo Dang Loud!!!! For whatever reason my AsRock 990 Extreme4 Mobo would not control the fan speed, even though it has PWM capabilities. Checking the temps using Core Temp 1.0 RC6 it showed the CPU at a chilly 6 degrees C! But the fan noise was killing me. So I decided to make the executive decision and unplug the 2 140 JefFlos and let the two 120 Cougars push air into the Rad. Temps only jump about 3 degrees C. Not bad!!! And the Cougars 120s are whisper quite!!!! I am going to order two new 140 Cougars and replace the JetFlo fans with them. I might go as far as replacing the 120s with two more 140s as well Thanks for checking out my post! I am wickedly happy with the Cooler Master Nepton 280L Water Cooler! Well worth the buy!!! System Specs.... AMD FX 8320 AsRock 990 Extreme4 16GB Kingston Ballistx Memory Gigabyte 970 4GB Windforce G1 Gaming video card 2 OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD cards in Raid 0 1 WD Black Label 1TB HD XFX Black Edition 750W PS