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  1. I've emailed scan comp describing the problem with both units, queried if they have had an other issues with other units and requested an RMA well see what happens
  2. We both initially went with the 240m as it was supposed to have a revised pump built by cm that put an end to the problems with the seidon series and being cooler on the temperatures, but very strange to have Two like it from different suppliers. RMA time shame my brother has great temps 20 at idle 49-52 load with the i7 4790k
  3. The only question i have is do i request an RMA from Scan whom i purchased the cooler from or direct to cooler master? Since cooler master make the whole unit themsleves. Cheers Daniel
  4. Hello Pim Cheers for the reply, much appreciated i'l request a RMA from the supplier Cheers Daniel
  5. Hi guys new to the community thought I'd ask the people in the know , basically I've built a new PC system and also one of similar spec with my brother , we have both used the Nepton 240m cooler in both builds. Now I installed my CPU cooler and it started off with a faint ticking it would randomly not do it on few boots but once it starts ticking doesn't stop, doesn't matter on speed either itl either get quicker or slow down slightly,its not a harsh ticking if you know what I mean.but isn't in a rhythm like something catching. Now my brothers one does ever so slightly (have to have the fans off and only the pump running to hear,mines audible over the fans. So basically is this a problem with the pumps on this series ? Is it normal? Both are basically brand new one brought from scan about 2 weeks ago installed 3 days ago, and the other from ccl installed today, both have a ticking issue from the pump albeit my brothers is extremely faint. Any feedback would be great as I'll have to RMA the CPU coolers if there's an issue. Cheers guys