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  1. Personally I'd chanel the cpu pump to the cpu fan port as that's designed for full power constantly well just about, if all the fan connectors are 3 pin on your board it won't support pwm so dc voltage would be better suited , the pump shouldn't have caused damage as it's only a small feed not being drained by the guy etc , I'd uninstall the program see if it still does it and reconfigure your cpu pump
  2. Do you have the msi command center installed on your system you should be able to monitor the fans/cpu with that may even tell you that the motherboard has detected the cpu pump and has adjusted power output accordingly , I haven't had an msi board so I can't really comment but thought it may help
  3. Does your motherboard fan ports actually have 4 pins? Sorry forgot to ask if not I'd keep them as dc as they run better but completely up to personal preference as my mobo is 4 pins all my fans bar the cm 240 ones are 3 pin but the speed setup can be altered in the Asus bios to pwm or dc, slight difference but not much, as say keep us posted and if you run into any issues let us know.
  4. Hmm strange not 100% on that as your cpu fan port is for the pump , as long as our pump stays at that speed it be fine , and as long as at least one of your fans on the splitter doesn't stop otherwise you'll have no cooling for the cpu should be okay , monitor it for a bit and if owt changes let us know
  5. Sorry just seen the picture you put up mohd if you put the y splitter on the cpu fan (one on the right) it will run the fans at max no adjustment , that is where the cpu pump needs to go. Picture labeled opposite to what you wrote lol
  6. Mohd is correct I have the nepton 240m also, they y splitter is for the fans that mount to the rad as you know, your motherboard will have a cpu fan port 3 or 4 pin plug the pump into this port as it will run constantly at around 2600-2900 rpm It will fit and work accordingly, Your fans on the y splitter plug into the port normal labeled cpu option or cpu 2nd or something like that your motherboard manufacturers hand book will note this. http://i.imgur.com/gjHSXLI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/x9zYlB5.jpg Not sure if you can see but this is on the Asus z97 A board both next to each other and labeled clearly. Page explains it quite well http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2205716/explain-3pin-4pin-fan-correctly.html If you get stuck leave a reply or give me a mail
  7. Just had a double check on mine its different some days to others but it is about 2500-2600rpm yours is a bit higher than mine be nice to see what others have got
  8. Hello Michael If you mean the 2 brackets that fit on the pump and screw down into the mobo not the backplate I havent used the amd brackets as ive got intel cpu, although I have the nepton 240 I think the pumps are the same correct me anyone if im wrong. Your more than welcome to them as theyre sat in the box , Either message me on here or email me at danielwilkinson0991@gmail.com il post them too you if you still after them
  9. Hello as far as I know going off the ai suite fan rpm charts etc the pump does sit about that constantly , your pump should stay at normal speed constantly and the bit that does the actual amount of cooling is the fans with the airfflow throught the rad , aslong as the speed doesnt increase decrease a lot or make odd noises should be spot on
  10. Personally I wouldn't even bother with windows 10 to much hassle with drivers both software and gaming - and the mass reportspec of boot failure , myself included with a fresh install on a new ssd no issues at all for weeks no new software installed no updates etc etc , one day no boot tried the built in recovery couldn't repair , system restore point which I created several couldn't repair it last ditch effort to factory restore came up with error couldn't complete install from a genuine windows 10 disk. I then wiped the drive reinstalled working well for few days then packed up again I won't even go into the privacy concerns over every single piece of software / games videos any file on the pc that can be checked for piracy , validation as a genuine bought product , if it is not genuine windows can and will detect and disable it you can view it see it but will never work , basically in a nutshell it's a very buggy OS with major privacy issues , the only way you'd be safe is to neve plug it in to the net and just use it as a standalone , back to windows 7 or 8 is what most pc users who either know what theor doing or have an inkling sorry for the ramble but windows 10 Irate's me if everyone knew the implications of the OS even at the conference the issue was stated and they blatantly said it can do that and will .
  11. No problem glad you got it sorted
  12. Thought I'd give you guys an update , the ticking stopped after few days of use , and not had any issues since , its pretty darn quiet if I'm honest , If yours ticks louder than the fans when the fans are on full RMA it , and if it doesn't eventually go I'd RMA it Thought I'd attach a image of the Asus management showing temp and pump speed for you guys
  13. Here ya go hope that Clears it up
  14. Hello Jordan ignore their previous reply that was a case of me reading another post that was old and replying haha I'll help best I can , I have the cm storm scout 2 case and to fit the 240 for me was a case of have the rad inside the top of the case and the fans on the outside I'll post a pic hopefully that will help
  15. Ahh I see I did this on mine your missing the rubber gasket for between the fans and the rad adds about 2-2.5 mm off the rad , although come to think of it there should be a set of shorter screws. Ahh man necro post
  16. Also just for a note a company would also have to do the same , request an RMA on a unit fill out relevant paperwork send it off and have new stock delivered. They may out of good faith give you a replacement that they have off the shelf. On no RMA do you get a new one then send yours off , (you could be dodgy and sell one of them and have a brand new one without getting billed) that's just how it works. Worked for a shop doing a lot of Rma's and services plenty of cuatomers to explain bits to.
  17. Not being funny but that's how all rma's work you send yours off they test it and along as you haven't personally damaged it theyvsend you a new one , I had mine rmad, returned new one sent within 8 days that's 2 days postage , 2 days for weekend Testing replacement issues and resent back out. No problems my end they were prompt with their emails as well, I'd take photos of the unit before packaging back up and then print the RMA off attach the forms and send it. If its faulty which mine was ticking and they said was faulty so I'm sure they'd give you a new one
  18. I take it the pump doesn't whir so to speak on startup? One way to tell is unplug all fans apart from pump and CPU fan you'll hears it, if its stopped contact cooler master and give them your details they should give you RMA details.
  19. Very strange on the pump not working on boot, I've had 2 of the nepton 240m both worked flawlessly apart from a ticking on the first pump which was rmad, never have temps above 55 , always use the manual for installation lol
  20. Very strange on the pump not working on boot, I've had 2 of the nepton 240m both worked flawlessly apart from a ticking on the first pump which was rmad, never have temps above 55 , always use the manual for installation lol
  21. Oh and forgot to ask what motherboard it is? I had a booting issue when I first rebuilt my rig we overtightened the CPU socket (not by much either) would turn on but wouldn't post.but check connections first
  22. Just to clear up , have you put a HDMI cable from the HDMI slot on the motherboard or the GPU HDMI out ?
  23. Hello thanks for posting , I've got the cm scout 2 advanced case mounted at the top and the pump is mounted with the tubes on the side , it 'ticks intermittently ' sometimes loader than the fans sometimes not at tall I've decided to just live with it, its a good cooler other than the pump tick
  24. Just be prepared for an RMA with the aio units I've done a ton of research since my first one the pump was faulty and now the second replacement is doing a similar noise so I will more than likely RMA this one lol it's a bit pot luck my brothers is OK I've had two that are a bit suspect. The cooling is awesome tho so if you get a good one you won't regret the nepton 240m
  25. Hello guys quick update , I RMA'd the cooler it was diagnosed by scan as a faulty pump , I've since received a new one at beginning of last week , I've installed it and was quiet which was awesome the comps been on a total of 30 hours , my temps never excede 35 degrees and my fans are on minimum as they're only boosted if required if the temps excede 35 , unfortunately its started ticking already so I may have another RMA on my hands. Not pleased to be honest but well see ,my brothers cooler has stayed the same really quiet so were a bit miffed lol