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  1. wow,thanks. Theres any News about a new firmware update? or any Fix for this weird issue?
  2. I dont know how disable all USB 2.0 ports on my Motherboard... I tested the keyboard on my notebook and same problem happens. And my 8 LED dont work even with Light Mod ON on (FN+F1) i think its dead or really messed up with firmware 1.20
  3. I`m not sure but i think it comes alredy with a Dead Led , but after i updated the firmware i checked i have same problem from this topic.A sequence of keys keeps light up (From same intesity of low bright mod) even with Light mods off (FN+F1). I upload a image from problem without the caps. You can see the sequence ` to = is lightup even with light mod offs. And the dead 8 in the middle sadly.
  4. Sadly i dont know how to make USB 2.0 Ports be disabled i use a GA-78LMT-S2P - Gigabyte Motherboard
  5. Sadly i got same problem. I just got my keyboard today and updated the firmware. After it i checked my ' to = sequence keys have same problems with light options turned off for the region. And my keyboard also come with the number 8 dead led. so it look really weird I'll ask replacement.