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  1. Donald Davis

    Glacer 240 L

    Not yet, though I expect a response sometime today.
  2. Donald Davis

    Glacer 240 L

    All good suggestions, yes I have contacted support. I have it connected to CPU_Fan1 and also the other wire is connected to its own power rail off the power supplier. I resolved the variable speed problem but the pump cavitates and it sounds like diarrhea for a few seconds and then everything settles down. The problem is I have tried everything to resolve the potential bubble issue, let it run for a very long time while watching the temps and I just cannot trust it with the noise. So I put the air cooler back on it.
  3. Donald Davis

    Glacer 240 L

    Hello, I honestly just want you to take my Glacer 240 L back and give me a refund. The pump is constantly changing speeds when it's not necessary. It still sounds like there are bubbles in the line weeks after and I have done everything suggested to resolve this. Thanks, Don