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  1. Yes, I did do that and it works fine; however, making a macro that uses keystrokes won't work. One of the features I wanted to use. Thanks
  2. I'm still playing around with it, but no luck getting it to work with BF3 or BF4. It has to be some software incompatibility that I can't fix. It's a shame because I really like how the mouse fits my hand perfectly (very comfortable). The tracking is very good too. I have been using an M65 and it works great (macros key presses work in BF3/4) but is uncomfortable after a few minutes of playing. It will be a shame if I cannot get the Mizar working.
  3. Just tried it and it fails to consistently register the key presses in Battlefield 3 & 4. It does work flawlessly in Call of Duty Black Ops II and Windows desktop.
  4. Battlefield 3 & 4 work as expected if I reconfigure the game to match the back/forward buttons on the mouse. Using the same Battlefield profile in windows, the "F" and "1" keys work flawlessly. However, there must be an incompatibility with the Mizar software and Battlefield that is "eating" the keystrokes the mouse is sending. It really limits what I can do with any macros for the game. I like the feel of the mouse, but if it's not compatible with a couple of the games I play, it just won't work with limited functionality. Thanks
  5. I'm trying to get running with my new Mizar mouse and have run into a problem with a simple reprogramming of the buttons for Battlefield. I've changed the forward side button to register a key press 'F' and the back side button to register key press '1' (this is how I have my old mouse programmed.) In the game, I have to press the button multiple times (3-4) to get it to register the key press (not good when your out of bullets and trying to knife your opponent ) In the desktop using the normal back/forward buttons in the browser, it works perfectly. I'm making an assumption that is software related to the fact that I'm trying to get the mouse replicate a key press instead of a mouse button press. Anyone else noticed this behavior? PS: I'm using the latest firmware and software from the CM site.