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  1. Link Here This person seems to have had the same problem and solved it. I have my rad on the CPU_FAN and set to normal in bios, can you see on SIV what speeds its running at? Try reinstalling it. Hope this will help.
  2. the cpu fan settings are in the mobo bios settings. i cant get the SIV center to work on my fans. its like they fail to initialise on load. i have to manually set them to full and then to 900. the 280l fans run at 2000+ rpm which is like a plane taking off.. i have the recon fan controller which runs my bottom front and rear fans.. using the built in thermometers, which means it wont detect the cpu temp n speed up n slow down. thanks for the reply, ill wait and see what gigabyte say. before requesting a RMA i afked for 5 mins came back they had shut off and cpu was running at 100c which is jokes. @Edit Decided to take advantage of the last 2 fan controls I have on my fan controller as a temporary thing. Sadly this means the thing has to be set to manual, (shame I can't have it auto on 3 fans manual on 2) and adjust profiles as and when needed. I tested my other fans for my old hyper212 evo with my mobo and it appears it works. Seems to be issues with nepton jetflow fans not getting enough power on load to initialize them but I've not found a way to tweak this in the bios or SIV. SIV profiling was a nightmare (never ran at what it should run at on the curves) and the bios gives like full speed normal, manual and quiet.
  3. Greetings Pim, thanks for the reply, how do you have yours setup in the bios? Are you overclocked at all? Have you changed any of the cpu fan settings from "Normal" etc? Do you have it set in SIV to control the speeds? What have you plugged the pump and fans into on the board. Sorry for all the questions. @Update. Just ran a Prime95 Torture Test (In-place large FFTs, max heat) - 70c max.. Before was hitting 100's, fans were spinning at around 1200 so wasn't too loud either, set the fans to 100% at 75c+. and 50% at 50c as 50% was "quieter". Now to afk with my pc at some point and see what happens. @UpdateUpdate On turn off for an hour or so and turn back on the fans failed to start. The pump did, just not the2 fans, i had to go into SiV and RPM fxied mode to 900rpm to get them to start.. Im confused now. If you use a SiV smart fan settings can you help me out. Thanks.
  4. Sorry cool beans, I meant the pump i consider the unit "whole". My apologies on that one. I've put CPU Fan for the pump, CPU_OPT for 1 of the fans and sys_fan2 (cable won't reach fan1)). It seems the pump is always running now on CPU_Fan as before the radiator was "disabled" randomly and temperatures skyrocketed. I've re installed gigabyte System Information Viewer, and can see the fans running full speed. CPU_OPT speed scales as does sysfan_2. I'm sat looking at temps of around 22-27 while typing this message, where as before it was alot higher. I'm thinking there are compatibility issues with z97x Soc Force bios/gigabyte fan controller and this cooler (or maybe coolers in general, I've still got my old CM Evo if worst comes to it, I will switch back to that. I'm going to mess with the workload% and fan speed settings to see if i can get the fans to work a bit better and more constant speeds as when they are full speed its way too loud for my bedroom and my front fan controller only detects the heat inside the case rather than the CPU so i can't see temps while i'm not looking at speedfan or SIV.
  5. It seems problems were short lived. When I go AFK from my PC it appears my radiator shuts down or partially shuts down, I came back to my PC beeping at me for temps above 70c. I was sat in bed watching my NowTV box, when I noticed my fans starting taking off (full speed), as soon as my pc turned off the monitor etc like it does when its been idle for so long. Whats the crack? this is the most annoying water cooler I've ever had my hands on. I'm not willing to risk a brand new CPU, mobo etc for the sake of a VERY VERY VERY loud (plane taking off the runway) and very "works when it wants to cooler".
  6. No need to apologize for the CPU Fan 1 and OPT suggestion, so many motherboards out there, I doubt you know every single BIOS setting The pumps been working fine for the last 5 hours that my pc has been on. It was runnning at 0 RPM when i logged into my bio settings, yet now its running up to normal speeds. I am unable to give live feeds of the 2 fans and the radiator without going into the BIOS, I could install Gigabytes software to look at it but I heard of problems with the in windows settings messing up the BIOS settings and them to freak out (maybe my problem? but without the software installed?) Speedfan, HW monitor, and a few other tools i've look at are register 0 RPM on fans 1-5 but register my core temps are 28-40 while typing this. It seems to be running a cooler now i've switched over the CPU Fan 1 and OPT to the fans and then the pump to sys fan 1. (which is strange why it won't detect it) and also changed the thermal paste to the Arctic 5. Would you happen to know the rough temperatures that it should "idle" at and just normal use like word processing etc? I'm located in UK. Thanks for your fast replies.
  7. Greetings CM Patrick, Thanks for your reply. I have reset my CPU and cooler again and changed the location of the fans, but I did notice in my BIOS that my CPU Fan and CPU Opt can be controlled separately in the options which is why i had it setup like i did. I have changed the thermal paste from the one that came with the Nepton to an Arctic 5 and as I'm typing this the cores are fluctuating from 32-40's. Room temp is 21c. I just ran a 5 minute prime Blend test and got temperatures of around 60-70 over all cores. Which does seem a bit better than what it was. There doesn't seem to be hardly any heat coming out of my pc, and my Fan controller says the case temp is around 25-28 over 5 sensors. What sort of temps should I be expecting as in the summer my room gets alot hotter (I live in UK so wont be massively high, but still can reach double of what it is now. Thanks. Lee. @edit. Well, I just walked away from my PC for a minute it was idling and I heard a beep from my fan controller (the Nepton isn't plugged into it). My temps just reached over 100c not doing anything. It appears the radiator "stopped" working for no reason and the fans went into full force trying to cool the CPU down.. I'm about to send this back, first was faulty and now this one is doing this, please provide advice.
  8. Greetings all. I've been lurking these forums for the last few weeks, i managed to get a Nepton 280L for under £50 the other week and it wouldn't fit into my case, so I ended up building a whole new PC (I was in need of a bit of an upgrade anyways. The first one I had to send back as pieces was missing from the box (amazon) and the screws wouldn't fit into the radiator (wasn't anything for them to "bite" on. Anyways I have: CPU: I7 4790k Mobo: z97x Force Soc Case: Source 530 - NZXT PSU: Asaka Venom 750w Fan Controller: Bit fenix Recon. Ram: Corsair Vengeance 1600 8gb Fans: NZXT FZ200MM fan in the front GPU: 660 GTX SLI 2 fans at the bottom and 1 fan on the back of the case. All pulling from bottom to top. I have the 2 dual fans in the splitter plugged into my CPU_FAN, and my CPU coole rinto CPU_OPT the other way around and the fans wouldn't work they would spin very slow or not at all. The rest of my fans are controlled by my Recon and have a case temp of about 28c over all 5 sensors, placed around my case.. I have installed the Nepton 280L at the top of my case, with the fans pushing air through the radiator and out the PC. The airflow coming from the Radiator doesn't seem that hot coming out, its about 22c in my room, my idle is about 40c+ when i start typing (writing this message i'm getting 50c+. Speedfan, won't even detect the fans to control them, yet my eztune (gigabyte) will detect it and controls and says its working around 5000RPM just typing this and 1100 on the fans. I've reseated my cooler 2x already over the last week and still getting temperatures that are a little higher than I expected from the reviews I have seen and my old build which had a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO in it. And have applied and cleaned new thermal paste each time. If i run prime95 on blend test I get temps of around 75c If i run, Small FFTs it reached over 100c so i hit stop straight away. I've built a number of pc's in the past. I've not overclocked my system and am randomly getting a freeze, which lasts about 10 seconds where all apps stop responding and then clear up again when my CTRL + ALT + DEL screen comes up. I'm trying to rule out what it might be, I tried to test my ram but had it lock up on me before it could complete. I will be ordering 16gb next week if I can't resolve the temp issues if they are normal for this cooler (websites seem to state different). Any advice on why its running so hot, what I need to change etc would be greatly appreciated before I start looking at RAM etc. My HDD, SSD, Ram and GPU are all from the old PC and was all wiped before I put into new PC. I'm unsure if I maybe have missed a setting in my BIOS or something which effects it. Thanks. Lee