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  1. Shoot, that is really bad news. It looks like I bought mine right about when they discontinued it then. Yeah, I was going to RMA mine for excessive wear of the "soft-touch" finish, but I was out of warranty by the time I got free time to send it in. I'm okay at larger-scale soldering, but for components of this scale it's a sure-fire recipe to have me destroy my favorite mouse. Is there any other way to make it less sloppy? I saw that, but I've been spoiled by the Recon and the placement of the two function buttons behind the wheel. I use them for play/pause and stop media controls, with two of the side bumpers being track prev/track next. This mouse is phenomenal for keeping my music flow going when I'm working. Sigh. I may just go to eBay and see what I can find
  2. Is there any successor or update/refresh model of the Storm Recon planned? This has been my favorite and, in my opinion, best gaming mouse I've had to date. Size is perfect, button placement is perfect, the features per dollar were great... About the only thing I dislike is how the scrollwheel doesn't have really strong detents, but that's unfortunately every mouse these days. A refreshed Storm Recon would be right up my alley, hopefully with a clickier scrollwheel Can you guys still do repairs or replacements on the Recon? Mine is well worn now.
  3. Pim, Thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing what fixes/improvements have been made in this version of the software/firmware. Do you know when the proper version will be uploaded?
  4. Hey all, I'm using CM Storm Recon Application Software v1.2.2 (en_US) under Windows 8.1 x64 Pro with my CM Storm Recon running Firmware v1.18. Out of habit, I checked the CM Storm Downloads tab on the product page and found that there is new (to me) v1.2.4 firmware download. I've downloaded and installed the firmware, but it simply re-installs Firmware v1.18 on the mouse :\ Is something wrong with the posted file, or is something else going on? Thanks!