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  1. Problem solved!!! Thank you again for your time
  2. I have already contacted with them since Sunday morning. I believe that, they need 2-3 working days to response. I'll wait
  3. Thank you for your response Do you have any email to contact with them?
  4. Hello everybody I am looking to buy the bracket and the backplate for 1155 socket for my V8. Please if someone knows where I can find these two parts let me know. I tried from the cmstore.eu but the bracket is not available. Thank you in advance DNS
  5. Finally i decided to go for the Nepton 240M Thank you all for your advises
  6. Thank you for your response I am thinking for the Nepton 280L but what is the difference with the 240M? The 280L is compatible with the HAF 932?
  7. Hello everybody I am new member of this forum and I would like to ask something. I have the chassis HAF 932 with MSI 970 Gaming AMD FX 8320 V8 COOLING SYSTEM ASUS ROG R9 280X Silent Pro Hybrid 850W And I was thinking to replace the V8 with liquid cooling system. Could you please suggest me something. Thank you DNS