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  1. Hi, and whats going on?? with my Driver and the Login Problem isnt done.. The same like before.. can login 2 times !! really bad service at CM. Never will buy any CM Product again.
  2. Hi, Ok i register my product for a time ago. I cant found the RMA Button or a any kind of RMA under CM Fanzone/My Support,... Also the problem with the 2 times login isnt sill resolved
  3. Hi, yes thats right you help me. But these Problems with 1 Mouse isnt normal and my opinion this service is very weak. (by signing up to the understanding) Earlier you got a CD with the software you never get problems. First you see the Alcor.exe 2nd Picture you see what happens when i doubleclick at the Programm and down on the picture you see MizarFW 3rd Picture you see what happens, when i press OK. Promptly the NO Mouse Pop up is coming. Also wheni wait 10 Minutes nothing happens Quesiton-Answer 1 yes my Software from Motherboard is the latest. 2 What happend when i connect the Alcor mouse? My pc recognize the Mouse as Alcor 3 Yes i try other USB-Ports
  4. nice that work on your pc..but dont work at all pcs. I try to clip here some pictures, but iam not allowed.. but how i can show you this.. next big fail.. this programm dont work.. i have exactly do the same like you... download it, extract it.. start the Alcor.exe.. press OK. A picture is appear with !Please Update the Firmware, Press OK to update the firmware now. Firmware update will take few minutes. Please do not shut down your PC during the update.! So i press OK.. then promplty a pop up window in green typeface NO MOUSE.. i wait over 10 minutes.. nothing happens... what else can I say, I say all and to download and unzip a program and install, you can not go wrong. I get no help here. Only the info which i tried 20 times before I've get your Info.
  5. No, i dont have more then 1 pc.. (for what?).. I think its the wrong programm, also the exe i try here above. That is the same i download and try.. and when i start it the same text "MizarFWUpDateForm" It must be called "AlcorFWUpDateForm"
  6. is there anybody!!.. where is the HelpService!! Also other Problem, i must always log in 2 times..then my login is fixed..The first login never worked..what fail..
  7. Yes, i had download all Alcor drivers and try to install all of them, but all drivers dont worked.
  8. Hi, i download the Alcor Driver at your Homepage. Extract it on my harddisk, start the Programm, then the info need Firmware update, press Ok for Update and so on.... a picture is coming with No Mouse and the CM Logo, nothing works nothing doing... The Programm called Alcor_fw_v2.2.1 but when i start this programm below is the MizarFWUpDateForm.. that is a other mouse. Need fast Help, also cause iam very angry, cause i must register here to get any information. iam no interested to regestry extra for a support thats a joke.