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  1. To be 100% honest I didn't feel like it was really that clear on that part. I feel like I should of known that on my own end but know it wasn't very clear in the instructions. I kept trying to thread the standoff screws into the backplate of the other cooling system. Took me walking away from it and coming back to realize what I was doing lol.
  2. Yes thank you Knud. I work as a server administrator for a financial company on third shift. I brought my tower with me to work today to tinker with and I realized that I still had that dang base plate on from the liquid cooler. Just a case of USER ERROR lol. Thanks again guys you have been great and I am really enjoying the new heatsink and fan.
  3. Hey everyone. Thanks in advance for the help that you guys can provide on this. I got the Hyper 212 EVO in the mail today, purchased from Newegg, and went to slap it on my board. To my surprise the standoff screws that were provided in the box were too big. They simply do not thread into my g1-sniper motherboard. I was under the impression that this would fit my i7 980 just fine as it is a 1366 socket set. What I didn't expect, was the standoffs to not fit. I can take pictures explaining what I am running into. I did have a liquid cooler on there but it finally crapped out and caused a leak in my case. The previous assembly didn't use stand offs and I cant find any that came with my board/case. So what do you guys think? I cant find any information on what size of standoffs I need and I do have a local PC store here I could go buy new standoffs from but can anyone give me any idea what size they are? If it helps the screws on the X shaped mounting bracket do thread into the holes and fit. Its just that you have to have the standoffs there for the assembly to fit right. Please let me know if there is any further information I could provide to assist. Mods I do apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. UPDATE: I figured it out guys. There shouldn't be threads in that hole. I realized that the back plate of the other one was still on. I have it fixed now. Thank you guys just wanted to update this so everyone knows I am good now!