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    Cooler Master Seidon 240mm Not Working

    After fidgeting with the cables i got it to work and now have a 30c idle temp so i think all is good at the moment the only thing i have to do is try prime95
  2. I purchased the coolermaster seidon 240mm water cooler two days ago and got it in the mail today, after installing and over 4 hours of figuring out on how to install it the pump does NOT work and one of the fans makes a very odd and loud buzzing noise. I own a maximus vi formula motherboard along with an i7 4770k processor. Everytime i started up my computer with this cooler my computer said there was a cpu fan error.It had also said my cpu was overheating and i was getting temps above 75c IDLE. I applied thermal paste and also tried plugging the fan and pump into many different inputs. Is there something wrong with my model or am i not doing something right??????