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  1. Hello CMUSA Support, My reason of trying to replace the Glacer 240L which I bought from Amazon is because the waterpump died within 2 days of usage after installation. I have been trying to find a way to RMA it but I couldn't register the Glacer 240L in the Cooler Master eRMA. Ticket was opened but closed by system without replies on how I can proceed to send this Glacer 240L for RMA. Closed Ticket ID : 00053486 New Ticket ID : 00054409 It is disappointing that of all the products I have from cooler master, the quality of service and product for Glacer 240L is appalling. Regards, Patrick Updated 12-Dec : CM Support responded to both my new and closed tickets. They have been providing great help on assisting me to RMA the broken water pump. I sincerely apologize for my negative comments on their after sale service and thankful for all their patience and effort in this matter.