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  1. 😭. knud, do you work for Cooler Master?
  2. When are you going to release/reveal the HAF XC? Is this still in the works? Carbide Air 540 vs. HAF XC? C brand vs. C brand?
  3. Okay thanks. Is it possible to swap out the included 5.25" bay covers for other CM 5.25" mesh bay covers? I want to mount a 360mm radiator in the front, but the top fan will be suffocated. Thanks, Lead
  4. I do not understand what you mean by, "Of course the radiator can overlap the motherboard; there is about 20-25mm clearance between the 120mm fan holes and the motherboard (width)" Thanks, Lead
  5. I don't understand your last part. Will something like this fit? Thanks, Lead
  6. I have the Cosmos SE and an ASUS Maximus VI motherboard and I was wondering what is the maximum thickness of a radiator that will fit? I will mount the fans through the case and into the radiator. A CM representative response would be helpful. Thanks, Lead
  7. Please make the same shape as these, but with the ability to pass air through them, wish dust protection. This wouldn't really cost you guys too much to develop as you probably already have the basic plastic molds to make them. This would be nice so I can mount fans and radiators on the front of my Cosmos SE without the fans being suffocated. I would really like to see something like this released at Computex 2015! I dare you to surprise me CM. Thanks for your consideration, Lead
  8. I am planning on water cooling my Cooler Master Cosmos SE in the upcoming months, and before I begin I was wondering if the bottom HDD tray's holes are made for mounting reservoirs or pumps? Would something like this,, fit?