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  1. Hi, You have to get the Maker 5 Upgrade kit which include the front panel, meshes , led/fan hub, front panel & door, the I/O panel. > The cables comes with it is basically the same as the Pro version with additional led and fun button that are connected to the led/fan hub. > The Led/fan hub need to be powered by SATA > There's a molex for the red led text on the I/O panel ( those ' 3.0 ', ' 2.0 ', etc ) > The USB Type-C 3.0 is just another type of header for you to plug in USB Type-C devices, they are both connect to the same USB 3.0 Header on your motherboard. It still looks the same. > The USB 2.0 is the same old connector and only use of one your available USB 2.0 header. > The same HD audio/AC97 Connector for your audio needs. I have ASUS B85 Pro Gamer.
  2. What fans you plugged in? Does the header looks the same as the header of led bar from CM? Do you plug in the wrong way, cause i think they may have a positive and negative.. and you may have put the wrong way. I own Maker 5 too, and i plugged all 3 Silencio FP fans on it with the led too, and it's all good.
  3. Yea me too! wish they release more colors asap and i could buy it at malaysia.
  4. What bearing are they? Does the back have opening where i can put oil? Just found out it's sleeve bearing. thanks.
  5. yes, i noticed this too, I applied a whether strip with long napped type, and it solved the problem.
  6. More colors for the led strip as there are still 3 more open slots. - Colors like : - White ( paper white ) - Warm white - blue as mentioned by other member, not many company sells that kind of connector with led strips. Thanks. I like white and warm white.
  7. I bought Maker 5 and migrated from 690 III and it's a breeze to work with... Stashing the cables has never been so fun! it comes with the red colored Led strip. and since it has 3 more empty slots, will there be more colors to be purchased ? I comes from Malaysia. May i include some suggestions as colors? - White - Blue - warm white Red is nice, but the more you look at it, the more eye strains you get. Thanks! Hope this colors i suggested will release ASAP.
  8. Oh... Thanks for the reply. Will see to it.
  9. I have seen some builts with AIO cooler especially Nepton 240M which has glowing CM logo on the pump. However, there's leakage of AIO coolers on internet, like damaging motherboard and GPU... which set me back to Air Cooler. But i read that water cooling is superior and better.. but it has many drawbacks such as; - Pump leakage - coolant evaporate - pump noise - pump die overtime... - fittings/tubings wears over time. on the other hand, Air Coolers is just a fan and heatsink which is worry free about leakage of coolant.. i using Intel i5 Stock cooler and achieved 35c on below 10% cup usage on idle and 50c on 100% cpu usage. i used X1 Thermal Paste on it. But i'd like to use better coolers but worry free... which is air cooler. which do you suggest if you were to suggest? Thanks!
  10. Hi, i replaced the intel pre-applied thermal paste with X1 Extreme Fusion, is that good?