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  1. NEVERMIND, the mouse wheel on the new mouse squeaks. Guess I'll get this done myself.
  2. Ok, Cooler Master, you have convinced me you're a serious company. The identical new mouse arrived swiftly and my ticket was handled with professionalism. The new mouse works as intended and it actually feels like higher quality. Thank you for your assistance, you have definitely made a new loyal client. I'll be coming back.
  3. They have now asked me to send pictures with my mouse cable cut. I've complied but if my replacement never shows up, I'm going to be one angry customer.
  4. I bought this combo on the 1st of December (5 days ago). The keyboard is amazing and i love it but the mouse's scroll wheel, when scrolling down, will often scroll one "tick" up. I've changed computers, uninstalled the auto-driver in the device manager, changed the number of ticks my mouse scrolls in the control panel, turned off smooth scrolling in my browser, etc etc. Nothing. I've submitted a ticket but I am so angry about this that I still need to vent.