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  1. Roberts83

    CM Storm Inferno Support/Guide

    This seems to be wroking properly now. Thanks
  2. Roberts83

    CM Storm Inferno Support/Guide

    No, and only recently on my current one. I susspect updating from Win 8 to Win 8.1 although that's just for the lack of other potential reasons.
  3. Roberts83

    CM Storm Inferno Support/Guide

    It seems so. Previously I was unable to launch the Inferno application or change the drivers (I misplaced my CD and there was no driver file sep[arate from the Inferno_sw_v1.2.0 downloadable available on the official website. The mouse is not recognised ("Mouse not detected") unless I run Inferno.exe as administrator. If I do so it detects the mouse and I am able to use all mouse buttons and configure it properly.
  4. Roberts83

    CM Storm Inferno Support/Guide

    @ MattE: I had the same problem with HID Compliant Mouse - could not install Drivers other than those. These actually seem OK if you can run the Inferno.exe file. Run as administrator - this worked for me. Suddenly the program stopped showing the "Mouse not detected" message and launched normally.