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  1. So I did contact Cooler Master and was approved for the parts request on 12-4-14. After waiting a bit, I reapplied and was approved on 12-18-14. Still no word on when the part will arrive. A friend of mine purchased a Hyper T2 and only needed the Intel parts and has no need for the AMD bracket. Would the AMD bracket for the T2 be the same as the T4? Looks the same as the pics I've seen. Anybody know if this would work for an AM3+ board?
  2. I bought a Hyper T4 off of Ebay (which was supposed to be a Hyper 212 evo!) That does NOT have the AMD lock level for Socket AM3+, which I need. It looks like the CM store doesn't sell a kit for the T4. Would any of the other kits have a compatible part? If not I'll return it but it was cheap enough that I can swing just getting the lever. I do have a 212 evo on another machine and know that it is superior but I'm not planning on Overclocking this new build. Any help would be awesome!