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  1. Well, companies like Apple design iPhones, and asks some other company to mass produce them. If an iPhone went wrong in production, Apple couldn’t just tell their buyers: Hey, I was only responsible for designing it. Go and find fault with the company who produced them… So… even if rebates were handed out to some other third party company for processing and are not processed by Cooler Master itself, I believe Cooler Master should have had the choice to pick out which company they wanted to cooperate with. If they choose to cooperate with some shaky third party company to process their rebates, that also reveals something about the company to us consumers. And since Cooler Master should play a major role in deciding who to cooperate with and who not to, they are not totally fault-free. The same goes with the retailers, and I guess that is why there are numerous other well-known brands out there that advocate people to buy from their “authorized†dealers or retailers. It’s really not just about selling products. Every little bit contributes to a company’s reputation, and Cooler Master should keep that in mind.
  2. Hi, You are not alone, almost the same thing happened to me. I sent in a rebate form during May 2014 for the Cooler Master NotePal X3, it is now December, and still haven't got my rebate. I called in for three to four times, and they always told me to be patient or to carefully check my mail. I am extremely unhappy because it was just not worth the the time and money for the never received $5 rebate. I don't feel like buying from this company again.