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  1. I have no media functions as well, no start, stop, play, volume control, no software for this keyboard or mouse is BS, If I knew that I'd be using a third party program to remap my buttons I would have just bought another Logitech for an extra $10. I would not consider this board or mouse to be meantioned as gamming devices without the small addition of a program that is attached to them to give the buyers at least some control over their devices, I guess I'll just use Logitech drivers on them and use their programs to controll some aspects of the mouse buttons. Those are the little things that set the leaders apart from the rest. I can use their program but I can't use your own program made for another similar mouse? How can this be? I would expect to be able to use the features that are available on both mice the same way and just not have acess to the parts that do not apply to my mouse, but to block the program from being used on this set up completely is just stupid. On top of it all if the mouse is not set for the highest dpi it simply will not function properly, I keep making sure to not hit the button that changes it, I'm looking at disconnecting the button to keep it from changing. So the 1 setting I can control is just useless and causes it to not work correctly if it's changed! Nice. Thought I'd try 1 more time to see if anyone has finally made a program (or bought rights to program that will be associted with) to gain some control over the buttons and key assignments to solve these problems, now that I see there will not be anything, I will be selling this set up and moving on to a more managable set, also something that is less bulky and has no sharp edges with symetrical mouse for both right & left hand operations. I'm not a gammer but I use both mouse and keyboard quite a bit for image programs and setting up online sales. Other than the control issues for the permanent set back and forward buttons and the DPi settings button I would say the mouse is OK, not great, if the keyboard was not backlit, I would not be using it, keys feel hollow and cannot tell if I pushed them completely but at the same time if I'm a tiny bit off the edge it will always register the key next to it before the key I'm pressing? My mistake on noticing this set up when I was out buying at a BrickNMortor, should have looked on line first.