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  1. Hi Vali, I just sent you a PM. Could you please get back to me once you've read it?
  2. Hi badmyn, we've just put the Xornet II on the shop for people to order. You can find it here in case you're interested:
  3. For the EU store we expect them back in stock around late October/early November (this may vary, however). If you can drop me a quick PM with your e-mail address then I'll let you know personally once we have new stock. Thus far our apologies for the inconvenience.
  4. Did you change the repeat rate by any chance Joe (maybe accidentally)? For the Rapid-I keyboard the combination should be as follows: FN + F5 (slow)/F6/F7/F8 (fast)
  5. Fortunately the part looks small enough to fit in an envelope. We also ship to Australia and the costs for shipping an envelope would be either €2,49 or €3,49 (depending on the weight). Edit: if you'd like to claim warranty (and you still have the receipt) please contact our technical support via to see if they can assist you further.
  6. Hi Yolanda, if you're looking for just the plastic part you can find a replacement here:
  7. Hi Richard, I just tried to reply to your mail, but it bounced back because of your spam filter. Do you have a different e-mail address where we can reply to?
  8. Thanks mohd, but the information on that page seems to be outdated So it's better if you use the following page for European support, Richard: