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  1. Hello, I use many Cosmos II cases because it supports SSI-CEB form factor (Asus X79 WS boards). I'm quite happy with its looks and performance in case of extreme workstations. I'm pondering to buy a few more (3-5) for the upcoming X99 extreme builds using Asus X99-E WS boards (SSI-CEB). Now, my questions: Can CM make a cool side panel window for Cosmos II? Does CM undertake such custom orders? (I'll pre-order them if required). I reckon CM should've released one by now as they did in case of Storm Trooper window. If it's not possible, my only option is to buy windowed panels from other sources but it's quite expensive (over $150), and often found to be out of stock! Anyway, I'll write to CM USA contacts in this regard. I hope someone responds in this regard. Thank you.
  2. I'll be buying these in a week: Nepton 240M (i7-5960X) Nepton 120XL (i7-4790K)
  3. It's not hard to do it. 1) Take a clean lint cloth, preferably brand new 2) Buy a can of Isopropanol aka Isopropyl Alcohol or lend it from your mate 3) Apply the liquid to the cloth and gently wipe off the paste from the CPU etc. This should help to solve your problem.
  4. I can see 240M listed for $111 at this popular site (scans for best price from various online retailers): https://pcpartpicker.com/parts/cpu-cooler/#m=50&qq=1&w=1 But I don't see 120XL product yet. I wish to order both coolers at one go. Never mind. I'll wait for a week more for the latest model listing.
  5. That's good news, Pim. Could you please answer: 1) dB difference between Silencio vs. CM Storm Stryker/Trooper stock fans? Is it significant? 2) how much each Silencio case fan costs? (approx. for 200/140/120 mmm fans) Thank you.
  6. Hello Patrick, I appreciate your response. I tried some combinations to keep noise to bearable level by using Fan Xpert 3 in Asus boards. Below 50% load, noise seems to be OK but beyond that not pleasant for employees. I reckon all 140XL and 280L stock fans needs to be replaced. But which make I don't know yet. I mean, hardly any time or product availability to do this small case study. If the new 120XL and 240M coolers sound great, and if CM starts selling 140mm Silencio fans, I'll buy fans to resolve the noise issue. However, I don't know when CM would start selling them... Thanks & Regards, akula2
  7. I'm wondering whether CM sells Silencio 140mm fans for 140XL and 280L coolers? I didn't find any here: http://us.coolermaster.com/product/Lines/fan-140mm.html Kindly confirm, thank you.
  8. Appreciate your response, knud. Regd. (3) They are standard fans. They do a decent job, but Silencio fans are a lot more quiet. Are Silencio fans sold seperately? I'm not aware of this, so please confirm. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for responding, knud. Trust me, I've great expectations on those new Silencio stock fans. I divided my builds in this manner: 1) 5960x + 240M + Asus or Asrock Workstation board 2) Xeon E5 v3 + ??? + Asus X99-E Workstation board In case of (1), I'll most likely go with buying five 240M coolers. In case of (2), I'm evaluating some other hardware. Anyway if 240M does sound cool, I'll go for five more 240M coolers. Else, I'll opt for Swiftech H240-X coolers for Xeon builds. All those ten builds must have low noise because they'll churn heavy loads and long hours each week. It's a controlled lab environment, hence cooling isn't an issue.
  10. Hello, I use many CM cases such as Cosmos II, Stryker and Trooper in X79 and Z97 builds. After many years, I'm inclined to build a proper Gaming machine (4790K) to play racing games like MotoGP, F1, etc. Now the questions about Storm Trooper are: 1) cooler: does a Nepton 120XL or 240M or both fit properly in this case without any modding? 2) GPUs: any known issue with multiple cards? I mean, space or not enough internal air movement etc. 3) case stock fans: are these quiet enough? or should I need to buy additional fans from other makers? I'm looking for a quiet gaming build. Please respond if this case fits good to my requirements. Note: I'm keen on this case because of color compatability perspective. I chose components such as: Asus Maximus VII HERO G.Skill Trident X Series 32GB DDR3-2133 2 x Asus GeForce GTX 970 4GB STRIX EVGA Supernova P2 1000W (red sleeved cables etc) Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q
  11. Hello, I didn't take part in the survery because I didn't return any product. A few months ago, I bought many Nepton 140XL and 280L coolers meant for high-end Z97 workstation builds used for Scientific and Engineering applications. Those coolers work great when it comes to keeping temperatures to minimum. Main issue: stock fan noise at high-loads in lab environment. This results in distraction and annoyance to my employees. Solution I'm looking: to replace a few dozens of those 140mm stock fans, but with which fans? I know this will incur some expenditure, say a min. of: 30 x $15 = $450 Nevertheless, it's really worth not to look at that additional spending. Could someone help on suggesting alternative fan models from Cougar, Noctua, Bitfenix or Scythe or whichever quiestest model? Note: I hope this fan noise issue doesn't exist in the latest 120XL and 240M Neptons. I'll be building 6 more machines during the holiday season.
  12. Thank you for responding, Pim. The Nepton140XL deliver great cooling, but fell short on fan noise. I'm concerned with fan noise at high loads in case of 120XL. Do you have dB charts of these new coolers? I'll make a decision by this weekend.
  13. Hello, My first thread on this forum. My previous experience with 140XL and 280L isn't great when it comes to fan noise part at high loads. I'm very happy with cooling performance of 140XL and 280L coolers in many Z97 workstation builds. About noise issue, I shall post it as a new thread soon. Now, I intend to build a few more machines in the upcoming holiday season. Considering the new Silencio models, are these combinations great to go for from low fan noise perspective? 1) 120XL with 4790K (one Gaming machine) 2) 240M with 5960X (five X99 extreme workstation builds). Thank you.
  14. I'm looking to buy a few Nepton 120XL coolers, but why this isn't available at popular US retailers such as Newegg? This product isn't meant for the US market, e.g., like Asus Maximus VII Ranger motherboard? I'm inquiring because I might be missing some holiday discounts at those stores.