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  1. Nepton 120XL is available at Newegg.
  2. The Nepton 120XL is in stock at the Egg, get em while they last!
  3. I'm currently using a Hyper 212 EVO with the HAF XB EVO but the 200mm top fan won't fit inside the case. Is there an air cooler that will give similar perfomance AND allow me move the 200 inside? The 200 is monted on the top (outside) for now.
  4. Thanks Patrick. With the 212EVO the gpu in slot 1 idles at about 30C but idles at about 40C with the Seidon 120XL. I expect the 212 is actiing like a heat sink for the GPU plus the addition of the two extra fans adding air flow deserves the credit. Though I prefer air cooling I wanted to try liquid cooling for the cleaner look.
  5. Thanks, Pim! I just tried a Seidon 120XL and does no better than the Hyper 212 EVO so I guess I'll stick with air cooling since I don't O.C.
  6. I have the HAF XB EVO and cant find the Nepton 120XL in stock anywhere. I expect the 140 wouldn't fit inside the rear of the case?