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  1. Hi there! I was just wondering what cpu cooler i should get. Its most likely that i will never overclock at all (Cause i dont think i need to), and i will be playing games like minecraft, garrys mod, dayZ, happy wheels, GTA V for PC, World Of Tanks etc. on maxed out settings while recording (I wont be recording all the time, just sometimes, but i will try to be on maxed out settings as much as i can) And my processor is the i7 4790k and the video card is the gtx 970 twin frozr V. So, which one will be better for what i said above, the Cooler Master Nepton 120XL OR the Cooler Master Nepton 240M? BTW, i want to get the best performance i can without overclocking, so which ever one is better for that, just tell me. Also, the fans i will be using ar the corsair sp120 high performance PWM version fans. Thx! -Carter
  2. Hi, i just wanted to know what the pump connector on the nepton 240m is. Is it 3-pin or 4-pin pwm?
  3. I found this cable. Can i plug in the 2 fans plus the pump to it, then plug it all to the 4-pin cpu fan header?And will the morherboard still be able to control all of them?
  4. I have a problem. I am getting a Cooler Master Nepton 240m some time soon for my build. The fans in using are Corsair SP120 PWM version fans, which have an rpm of 2350 and a 4-pin pwm connector... I have two of them with a 4-pin pwm fan splitter to make one connector. My Asrock Z97 Killer motherboard only has 1 4-pin cpu fan connector, plus a 3-pin cpu fan header and a 3-pin power fan header (and other 3-pin case fan connectors). Also i have a 4-pin case fan header. My questions are: 1. What connector does the pump on this cooler have? 2. If its 3-pin, i can use the 3-pin cpu header and i wont have a problem. If its 4-pin, can i use the 4-pin cpu header for the pump, and the 4-pin case fan header for the fan splitter with the fans on it, and will the motherboard recognize it and use those as fans As it would for cpu fans? 3. If that is a problem, can i use my fan controller for the cpu fans, or will that cause a problem or something? 4. I just thought of something else, could i use a 4-pin pwm fan splitter that takes 3 connectors and turns it into one for the pump and two fans and run it off of the 4-pin cpu header... Or will that create a problem as well? Thank you for your time, and heres some pics to help. -Carter