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  1. yes, before that, system running all fine... ok.. thanks .. i will send back the unit to the store. ( cause i from malaysia.) Thanks again.
  2. i also have the pump not start with PC happen with cool start PC.. and after log in to windows desktop, the CPU temp is up to 95-100C (i OC my i7 3770k to 4.3Ghz) . i plug the pump to the OTP also try to switch to CPU_FAN, it also happen sometimes... so is that the pump problem? been use it for 6 months without problem.. and this pump stop problem start few week ago...
  3. Thanks... i get the Nepton 240M and finish install it. the fan can't place under the radiator due to the EATX12V power , so i place the fan on Top of the radiator. (outside the case but under the Top cove) . without any problem.
  4. hi.. i want to get a Nepton 240M , but i am not sure it will fit in the CM 690 II Advance case. can anyone help? thanks. my pc spec: i3770k ASUS P8Z77V-PRO