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  1. Anil Mahajan

    Seidon 240: Pump "fan speed" is zero

    Motherboard is an AsRock z87 Extreme 6. Case is a Nanoxia Deep Silence. Hadn't thought about bolt tightness. However, I don't think that is preventing the pump from running in this case. Currently, I've got the radiator and fans still mounted (didn't want to do a full dis-assemble until I have a new unit) with the pump unpowered and tucked away in an empty HD bay. I have just performed a shutdown, untucked the pump and plugged it into a 3-pin chassis fan port. Restarted and checked BIOS for RPMs. Blue led lit, but pump still showed 0 RPM and I don't think it was making any noise.
  2. Anil Mahajan

    Seidon 240: Pump "fan speed" is zero

    I didn't remove my motherboard, but I did remove and remount the CPU when I tried the thermal paste reapplication.
  3. Anil Mahajan

    Seidon 240: Pump "fan speed" is zero

    Switched back to the Stock Intel fan. Still hitting 100C with stock fan but only under heavy gaming loads. Normal working temp is 60C or below. I opened a support ticket. I think the pump is dead, even with the blue light activated. I think I need a new unit.
  4. Anil Mahajan

    Seidon 240: Pump "fan speed" is zero

    update: nothing much new. Tried Chasis fan ports 2 and 3. Blue light on both, max BIOS speed setting on both. Still get 0 RPM for pump. Based on another new thread, I believe there should be a value listed there. So, perhaps the water system is locked or the pump is broken? Not really sure how to tell.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to figure out why my CPU temps are so incredibly high. Hitting 100C regularly under moderate load. Win7 x64, GeForce GTX 760, Core i5 4670. Not overclocked. Temps should not be that large. I feel as if they were lower before I went on a two week vacation. Came back and fan speeds seemed louder. So, I started checking temps with "Core Temp" diagnostic. Hitting the 100C safety cut-off any time i enter a game, and sometimes just browsing the web. Seidon setup: - Pump plugged into CPU Fan port 4-prong. - Fans plugged into 4-prong Chassis fan port using included Y-adapter. Fans are working. My Seidon's blue light is on (which means it is getting power, I believe), but when I load up a hardware monitor I see CPU Fan speed of zero. See N/A as fan speed when viewing CPU Fan Speed in BIOS. But, does the zero CPU fan speed on the pump indicate that the pump is not running? Assuming that it was working, I have just re-applied thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5, following their directions: cleaned both connector ends with alcohol until shiny, tinted both sides, used a small line of compound). Have seen no changes changes, in the 20 minutes its been running - not a lot of time for the compound to spread, but should see something I'd hope. Running at 5-10% load and temp is 66C with a max since startup of 91C. When playing a game, I'm once again bouncing off my 100C BIOS safety cutoff. Something is definitely wrong. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.