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  1. very nice so big and long
  2. wow too small but damm its cool cant wait for the final pics
  3. idk why but when uploading the pictures will turn -.-
  4. Just a bit of update so . I already bought my very first rotary tool. The DREMEL 4000! Now to buy next is acrylic glass or plexi glass then start modding again 20150331_205001
  5. So i decided to replace the upper side also . Now it feels good
  6. Just a little updates. So i noticed that on the lower portion of the case is just small and maybe iy cant handle the weight of the case. And maybe the screws wont fit. So i decided to replace the small angel brakets to a bigger one . So this is before and after
  7. so i design the right side of the case what to you think guys or girls ? not yet final design
  8. UPDATES : god i really need tools -.- like dremel hope my rig goes well i surely need dremel that much cant take my grinder in small edges :) i need dremel . -.- so i search for acrylic glass and found out is around $50 for a 6mm acrylic so freaking expensive for me . and 12mm for $100 and i got around $160 here and sitll need to buy many parts -.-
  9. i would like to thank again for bitspower and avexir for my build for the discounts of the parts
  10. never tried cooler master because they said there not doing sponsor yet . But i see your build you have sponsor to them wished i have sponsor to them i want there psu because i fucking hate mine btw btt. yeah but there clear about the budget of every sponsor build but what i dont l.ike is that they will not send the products Because its more better if the products are there already for measurements and placements . im sure there only doing that just to be sure with the rig if its nice and done maybe they dont want scams . But they approve your sppnsorship already and they said after the yr only bad thing for me is that they changed there minds and not do what as they said but look at the bright side bitspower is there And im very shock with bitspower how they handle and trust the people and they will also add items on the package and some people they will also send un realised products wew
  11. So the brakets are done and placed so this is it . I can imagine it already my first ever scratch build :') is on progress whhooo cant believe that i did all of this with out experience 20150315_182003
  12. I made the brakets straight edges as possible . Sand it. And so on drilled holes At the frame and the newly cut aluminum braket. One hole is done now for the 3 remaining holes . Sorry. For no pictures how i drilled it btw its so hard -.- because you need to hold it upwards and side wares in order to drill it and the right place for making the hole 20150315_171344
  13. So im back to modding . Busy weeks because of graduating so i cut some pcs of aluminum braket for the support of the placements of the mother board and the parts.after cutting. i measured it and This is how i measure where the brakets in the case go so that i have a guild where to place it i know its hard to understand it. Sorry 20150315_143807 20150315_160649 by christian_1550, on Flickr
  14. Yeah bitspower is a very good company i like there staffs so good like roger. i have a similar problem like yours but i leave them alone and start the project because of bitspower . But what i do is to search other sponsor ship . For now i have none xD. I dont have rads at my build and pump . but when theres nothing to go with. Ill just buy used parts btw nc build
  15. nice build i like the side panel the color looks hot
  16. my goal in the old case was just this i lower the resolution at this part so that for slow internet ones can easily open the pic or see . 2048x1536 from 4128 x 3096 20150306_201540
  17. so my girlfriend give me her very old computer . i was happy when opening it becuase some of the parts here are so old i didn't see it yet. like the lower portion in the mobo, DDR1 ram . and a cpu cooler branded by Intel and the cpu is and AMD learned a little from the process of dismantle the pcs 20150303_203047 20150303_203336 20150303_203633 20150303_204251 20150303_205109
  18. bought some items for the modding . 20150301_134911 by christian_1550, on Flickr
  19. i would like to thank again to bitspower and avexir
  20. more pics . and yes that's a 120mm fans there ,case is at 2.8feet by 2feet by around 1feet . it will still be bigger around 3feet and i made my frame a bit clean 20150125_204707 20150129_172045 20150129_172029 20150129_172111 20150129_172102 20150129_172102 20150129_174810 20150129_174906 20150129_174844 20150129_174823
  21. So i drilled holes for the brakets . Make them straight as possible. Took 2hrs just to make them straight. And some problems was solved. I used groments coz its fast to install and it has a low profile it to it. I was going to place m4 threads but i soon realised that there is an easy and fast way to do it. If m4 srews are better . Just comment bellow coz ill change everything 20150120_210203 20150120_214115 20150123_210213 20150120_214142 20150123_205056 20150123_205125 20150123_224805