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    Project 24

    Hello this project is for my mother who work hard for me . i just have an ACL last two weeks ago wanted to help my mother with my knee made me realize that it hurts so bad seeing her do all the hard stuffs and me just playing in my PC . so i hope i could help her by doing this project and win . the project i design took almost 6months to create . wanted to be unique as possible because i wanted to be different from others so i hope this would be a good run . not yet the final design the design is still at 80% done just need details. im still finding parts so that i would know what to create so yeah goodluck to everybody ! also pls do like my page if you have time thankyou !
  2. done getting ready for the bend really hate this rush cut of mine going to redo the cut first bend DONE
  3. thank you bai ! Thanks sir !
  4. hello i'm christian dumdum . i'm 18 yrs old and i'm building a project called red tide . my project is been in the making of 2 yrs now. building it again and again this is my 3rd time attempting to build this case is like red tide mark3 started building mark 3 at jun 27 , 2015 . and now i'll be attempting to finish it this May or June . best of luck and good luck to us all ! project is still not done . SPECIAL THANKS TO: Avexir Bitspower gcc for the discounts and more
  5. So i got bad news i was on a fixed vication by 8days . So i dont have time for mods. Now i went back home yesterday's my condition is not that good i got flu . Because of the vication and very tired from it . Maybe if i cound finish the build by tomorrow there will be no water cooling in my build since this competition is "case mod " So will be not putting lcs. so goodluck to every one . This competition is very important to me because i really want to help my mother with the price that i will be having . But since no time will do our best
  6. Yeah . If i have a lazer machine my rig is done by 1-2weeks. And much more cleaner look . Ohh well im poor cant afford that lol
  7. i wish i have a lazer machine right now
  8. so i recycled an acrylic . because i ran out of acrylic sizes so will be using this . but some brackets on the side for the mounting it in the case . then place the fans that i will use and drill holes in it after 3hours of work . its done but sadly i broke a fan -.-
  9. so my uncle give me this 20150418_134158 tbh this is one tough steel . so will be cutting this for the top of the case where the fans go 20150418_150226 after 2hrs of work its done 20150418_225345
  10. so i need to cut this for space for the fans done
  11. sorry for the pic . not proper focus and no light broke 2 lights because of the wind that blow my light stand done . . .
  12. so im going to cut for the side of the inside of the case now i was running out of acrylic good thing a friend of mine give this to me 4mm then done then cut another piece for the other side of the inside then place all of it in the case
  13. and cut the extra piece on the mobo placement bought some bolts ( god dammm expensive -.- ) so im going to cut an acrylic piece for the front done
  14. so im going to cut and hole for easy installation of the cpu cooler bye jigsaw blade/bullet and done
  15. i really like the 3d pcs . wish i had a 3d printer at home
  16. now i sand the edges then place the acrylic at the back and i drilled the holes and place some bolts and then done still need to sand more but its night need to rest
  17. now going to cut it with dremel and place two cutting disc . because it will be strong as funk now its done . .. . . cheese
  18. now its raining hard but still mod on
  19. drill holes at the back of the mother board placement then put some bolts and done btw im still going to cut the extra metal on right side