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  1. And the additional video:
  2. Last update (at least the last one in this contest): I will make a new additional video for the ejecting of the bluray station. Saw that the camera was slowly going to the right (really weird). -------- Further more, i've been very busy in sketchup (it relax me): https://www.facebook.com/coolermaster/photos/a.118558300816.106823.111057690816/10153002520600817/?type=1&permPage=1 It seems that there are alot of people who want it (so really hope that Cooler Master picks up de idea in the future). Did not expect that kind of exposure, but am very proud of the model.
  3. Sorry for the shaking vid, but it's working fine enough. Still need to paint it though, but that will be done in a week or 2.
  4. Because of some stuff we must do privatly, i've put all the things together so it will work. But it's not ready yet. It still needs paint (there is sticky vinyl on it right now) and the lighting is not ready to be placed. Also, i'm still waiting for some more RGB leds to be delivered. But first... when i tried to install the wifi antennas, i noticed that i did not calculated with them in the sketches i've made. So... the case was not high enough. I had to find another place for them and there was still room next to the SSHD: The blue wire is from the USB3 port. The antenna wires are sleeved with paracord. Thank god it fits perfectly there. For measurement reasons, i placed the Bitspower RGB Lanterns. In total, there will be four Lanterns and two or three additional leds on the modded cpu cooler to act as poweron led. The psu has been modified as well, got not so many photo's of it. Only photo i've taken: Ive putted some sticky vinyl on the case (only on the top and front) and mounted the hardware in it: You can clearly see that the vinyl was not a wise decision, so i will paint it next month. Also, that's why it's now with the tinted black window. The clear window is still in his protection foil. How does it stand now: And from a bigger distance: Next update, will be around a month from now (got more clinic stuff going on). I've got Klinefelter Syndrome and still got no meds for it, so my energy level is not very high currently.
  5. Not a building update... i just ordered a keyboard for this build. Really thought hard about it, because it was not cheap. But it's the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830. What a beautifull thing it is. Lets open the box shall we... Sturdy box. No thin cardboard here. Good protection from scratches. Nice packaging. Some booklets.. don't need them (unless someone tells me to RTFM). On the left an extender for the Unifying receiver, in the middel the Unifying receiver and on the right the charging cable (this keyboard got an internal rechargable battery). Nice and sturdy keyboard. Not to ligh, but also not to heavy. The rear. With the lights on. And it's also a little compact (there are smaller things, i know). The upper keyboard is my main keyboard (it's being replaced with a CM Storm Octane keyboard (without the mouse, because i really love my Logitech Performance Mouse MX ). Almost forgot the lights:
  6. Yes, still works and still play with it (Super Mario World and Mario Kart). 2P game together with my wife .
  7. I really don't know if there will be enough room for fresh air intake. But will be testing it offcourse. Eventhough, i don't care if the temps are low. If they are acceptable, then it's fine by me. If you spotted the blue Spiny Shell (from Mario Kart , perhaps you like the thing behind the wooden bunny (on the right of the red door) also: http://i.imgur.com/jMNvlnu.jpg And yeah... really need to dust more often there.
  8. Tiny update. It's in place (just to see if it fits): Needs more glue and more sanding. Hopefully i can paint it next week.
  9. Allright... some more progress (and some misstakes ). Butt first... lets glue in the rear end. No IO shield or PCIe slots. Just plain and simple. From right to left: 80mm fanhole, hole for cables to IO at rear of the motherboard, 2 tiny slots for on/off switches and the big hole is for the power supply. Also mounted theother parts with woodglue: Midplate Additional plate on midplate (it's for the lighting and rear switches). Placed the ODD platform. The bluray player will be on top, the cable clutter will be under it. Other parts mounted for the lighting and switch housing. Placed the bezel for the odd. Still needs a bit sanding, but that can be done later. But then... the big mistake. I wanted to try the toppanel on top of it, but it got quite twisted. Clearly i did not support it enough when the glue was drying. Facepalm moment. The back is worser: Did not want to do that one over. So i'm glueing the toppanel onto the frame. So it will not be removable. Still can access everything, because of the large window and the open sides. But offcourse, needed to test that before glueing the case onto the frame. So put some hardware in it. Can i glue it? YES I CAN .
  10. I did some more fitting and glueing the front in place (the back and midplate are nog glued in yet). Also put in some details of the hardware locations in the build. Less text, more photo's. See you next time.
  11. Nice project. Really hope you can pull this one off. Will follow this one.
  12. Oke, well.. i just could not wait. So i tested some of the puzzle parts together. Not glued yet, but just to check for errors. First the front, with the 2 vandal switches (the left is power, the right is for open/close of the bluray drive) and a USB3 connector: Made a mistake with the USB3 connector, so i had to use some spacers. But you will not see it finally, because the sshd tray will be on top of it. Needs some wiring ofcourse. Don't know if i will be using the internal lights on de switches. I went to the inside and just put some parts in (it's not perfectly aligned yet): Separation wall between powersupply + odd (leftside) and motherboard + sshd (rightside). The tray for the sshd. This also covers the USB3 front cable/connector. Rear panel inserted. Here i saw an error.. i'm missing one part from my order . The left side is for the power supply. The right side got 2 switches (all off for lighting, WAF), one opening for a Cooler Master Blade Master 80mm PWM (outtake) and the oval opening is for the cables to the IO of the motherboard. Placed the top panel including the black tinted window. Without flash. So, that's it for today.
  13. Hi guys, I'm still recovering from surgery, but received some lasercutted parts some days ago. So i got some pictures to share with you all. First of all, an exploded view from the case (there are arround 45 parts in total ): Hard to see you say? Well, click on it and it's supersized (4000 x 2500 pixels). If you look close enough, you might see an error in the drawing (silly me). I will fix that ofcourse. The i received the order, which looks like a giant puzzle: Each panel is build by 2 or 3 layers of 3mm carpenter wood. Like for example the top panel, this is build with 3 panels. The window will be 3mm as well, so it will be flushed into the frame: Example with window: The example is with a black tinted window. Also got a clear one and a closed panel insert (WAF ). So, that will be the wood section for now. Bluraydrive... Next thing, some tiny preparation on the bluray drive.. i do not use the original eject button, but a switch next to the power switch (in the front). So it needed an "external eject" connector. So i opened the drive (warranty void FTW): Melted some plastic away (always easy with an old solder tip): Routed and soldered the cable in place: This drive now got an additional 2 pin connector to attach a switch to it (like a reset switch for example): The text in the photo is Dutch. It just says what i posted above the photo . The original button at the front still works by the way. The bluray drive is ready for it. Next thing... Lighting. I've received some Bitspower 90 degree adapters from a Highflow member (it's my second home ). And i wanted to do something funny with it. Ordered some LED flashlights on Ebay because i need some glasses for it (seperate glasses were more expensive than complete lights (i love ebay). Like i said, i only needed the glasses: Then i glued the glasses onto the Bitspower adapters, was a perfect fit: Got 4 of them now: One will be shining over the sshd, and the three others will be shining on the motherboard. They will be subtile lighting. I've put an RGB led into each Bitspower "Lantarn", made a video with only one (sorry for music for some ): Next update will be next week i think. Thanks for watching and see you next time.