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  1. Thank you guys, Pim you helped me alot with this one.. When i look to the top of my case i think i need this one: Its just that i also have a power, reset and 'some kind of blue light' key.. could these wires also be connected with this USB card? Greets, Alexander
  2. Mm im not sure.. Actually i mean this: im talking about the green 'little motherboard', usb / sound connect card? Power on card? Im not sure if its part of the frontpanel.. Greets, Alexander
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if its posible to buy a new front panel for the Cooler Master 690 ii. Mine is defect because of a glass of water so i disconnected all cables connected with the motherboard from it. Now i have to tun on my computer by the power button inside my case. Is it posible to buy an new frontpanel? Does anyone know where? Greets, Alexander