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  1. Hi Pim, Thank you for getting back to me on my question. As per your suggestion, the latest firmware update from CM was downloaded, v1.1.7 and installed. My keyboard was upgraded from v1.1.2. Following a system reboot, I am here to report that the LED brightness for the Macro keys are unchanged. The Macro keys, when enabled, continue to operate at FULL brightness. All the while, rest of the keys operate at lowest brightness. The Macro keys, when enabled, are unaffected by the Decrease LED lighting function. Also, the CAPSLK, SCRLK and PRTSC keys exhibit the same lighting behavior as the Macro keys. When enabled, they operate at FULL brightness, regardless of the keyboards current brightness setting. These keys are also unaffected by the Decrease LED brightness function. Can you please follow up with the CM team responsible for handling the LED functionality of this keyboard? I would like to know when a firmware update will be released that resolves the lighting inconsistency. Thank you. -Devo
  2. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a CM Storm Rapid-i keyboard. The keyboard is always set to the most dim light setting. The issue I am having is when Macro keys are set, and then a Macro is enabled, the dim setting does not affect the Macro key. This Macro key stays lit on the highest setting. For example, Macro 4 (F12) is set to light Media Keys only. When enabled, Media Keys are dim (lowest light setting), while the M4 key is lit on the highest setting. I am finding the Decrease LED brightness function has no impact on the level of Macro key lighting. How can I set the Macro key to be lit to the same level as the rest of my keys? The Macro key is overly bright and detracts from the lit keys. Thank you. -Devo