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    Hyper 212 EVO issue

    Thanks for the info, Knud. I bought the product from amazon.co.uk a few months ago and its been been sitting in the box until I had all my parts ready for building, so its well past the return period with amazon. "CM Parts shop EU" is my best bet? I just email them about my problem?
  2. Hi, Love coolermaster air-cooling products. Been fitting them on builds for a while. Fitted an Hyper evo 212 on my new build. No problem. When I stood the case back up, a fine confetti of chrome plating rained down the mobo. (Spent a very angry half hour removing these conductive metal fragments from my new maximus hero vii) The x-clamp that secures the heatsink to the board, was the culprit. Where the springs meet the metal, one (or more) had dug into and scraped off the chrome plating. First time anything like this has happened to me with a coolermaster air cooler. (Still haven't powered-up the new build. Letting it rest in different positions, in case more debris is on the board) Any one else have this happen? Should I open a support ticket? Dont know the procedure as I have had no issues in the past.