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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply but i was not talking about thr 3.3v or 5v rails but the discrepancy in the different specification stickers depending on what reviewer you read. Also , the downloadable product pfd file on this site for the RS-A00-EMBA also shows rail 3 & 4 as having 28amps. Take a look for yourself. http://www.coolermaster.com/products/pr ... 22&id=2519 Thanks
  2. Hi, first post here on the forum but have a question i hope can be answered. I`ve been considering purchasing the Real Power Pro 1000W power supply & have studied numerous reviews on this item. What i`de like to know is why in some reviews are the number 3 & 4 - 12volt rails 18amps,when others report 28amps on the specification sticker on the side of the unit. I`m very confused over this , can anyone enlighten me on this issue. Cheers