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  1. EagleX

    212 Evo + NF-F12

    I will check that tomorrow (Im after a surgery, so I cant really do anything by myself)... Before I reapplied the thermal paste and using the stock fan, the idle temps were the same, but the stress/load temps didnt reach 95 for sure. Maybe 80.
  2. EagleX

    212 Evo + NF-F12

    Hey cool beans, thanks for your reply. My specs are: Asus Maximus VI Hero Intel Core i7-4770K G.skill 8g*2 ram running @ 1600 Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 Seasonic Platinum 660W CM Storm Trooper With Window Standard Storm trooper fan configuration (1 top, 1 exhaust replaced with NF-A14, 2 side) Hyper 212 Evo With NF-F12, applied with MX-4. I am not overclocked. I will provide room tempature later. I will attach 3 screenshots: Idle, OCCT and prime95. My cpu reached 95 at prime95 (and it wasnt a spike) so I stopped it. All fans are working, case is well ventilated, and Im just hopeless. The only fan problem I encountered is the cpu fan only showing up at the bios and not in the monitoring programs, which is weird. I also tired installing it to the heatsink with the clips and screws, not the vibration damping rubber, but it didnt change a thing. Thanks for your help. Idle: OCCT: Prime95:
  3. EagleX

    212 Evo + NF-F12

    Hey guys, I have recieved and installed the Noctua NF-F12 instead of the stock fan a few days ago, and I have some questions: 1. I reapplied the thermal paste using the "line method", and combined with the NF-F12 and the stock fan configuration of the storm trooper, Im getting 40c idle and 80c under stress test (no change). I believe this is not normal. The case is placed in a well ventilated spot, and every fan is working. What am I doing wrong? 2. The fan is currently attached to the clips using the silicion vibration pad noctua provides. I tried removing it and installing them with either the original fan screws or the screws noctua provided, but it just chews through the hole. Is it normal? Will it even make a difference? I can supply every screenshot/result/picture that may help, just ask! Thanks a lot.