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  1. Hi!, I mounted a NZXT KRAKEN X61 without any troubles. RAdiator on the top part of the tower, and both 140mm fans under the top No problems at all
  2. Hi ! I've got a tower case HAF-XM, in which I mounted the following: NZXT KRAKEN X61 for the AMD FX 9730 processor, on a ASROCK Xtreme9 with 32GB Gskill 2400 ram, 2x EVGA 660 SC and few HDD My idea now is to cool both VGA with a 2 set of Seidon 120 (or NZXT KRAKEN X31) with 2x NZXT KRAKEN G10 on the back of the HDD rack (between the rack and the PSU). Question is: Would they fit both radiators and fans? as there is this plastic cover to hide all the cables in between the PSU and the HDD cage, not sure if would fit. Another option I'm considering is to mount 2x Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid II. Any advise you could give me? Many thanks for your support guys! L.
  3. Hi Patrick, Is Glacer 360 available in Spain? I can't find it anywhere. Thank you very much for your kind support.
  4. Hi!, I'd like to know which CM watercooling system would fit better to mount it on the top of my HAF XM Case. Currently I have: HAF XM AMD ASROCK XTREME9 MOBO AMD FX9730 CPU 4x8 GB GSKILL TRIDENT X 2400 2x EVGA GTX660 OC 1 SSD 6 HDD I want to start watercooling the CPU (preferrably mounting radiator and fans on the top) and later both VGA (with with watercooling as well, on the back part of the case) Any suggestions or ideas about a CM cooling system? Thanks!