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  1. Thank you Mohd for the confirmation. If Evo 212 cannot fit, what is the next best cooler from CM that I can use in this case? Is Hyper 103 good enough? I use i7-4970k (not intending to overclock at all) on motherboard Asus Z97-A.
  2. I have a Cooler Master K380 case with Intel i7 4790K processor mounted on Asus Z97-A motherboard. The stock cooler isn't giving enough cooling as a result, the machine has been restarting after BSOD whenever there is load on CPU. Can I fit Cooler Master Evo 212 in this case (CM K380)?
  3. Thank you. I will wait for admin to reply on the compatibility. I cannot afford water cooling at the moment. regards
  4. Thank you very much for your reply. I will go for Hyper 212 EVO then. Will it fit in the case CoolerMaster K380? Also, is 36°C normal for a CPU temperature in idle state? regards
  5. Hi, I have built my new PC with i7-4790k processor (Socket LGA 1150) on Asus Z97-A motherboard. I fitted the stock cooler that came with the Intel processor. During idle time, the CPU temperature averaged about 36°C. Is this normal? I plan to do heavy video editing and encoding. I am sure in that case the temperature will go higher. Should I go for an aftermarket CPU cooler? If yes, then which CoolerMaster product is compatible with my CPU and motherboard? I read good reviews about Hyper 212 Evo, but its specifications do not list LGA 1150. Also, does CoolerMaster air coolers come with thermal paste or we need to purchase it separately? By the way, my case is CoolerMaster K380. Thanks for your help. Regards
  6. Thank you very much for the reply. As much obvious as it sounds, I am a total newbee at assembling components to make a PC. So far I had used only pre-built computers (budget ones) and never had to worry about cases. I will go ahead and remove the plastic layer tonight. I have another question regarding cleaning. Do I need to dust the computer from time to time, or the case prevents dust being accumulated inside the cabinet?
  7. Hi, I have purchased a CoolerMaster K380 case. I noticed it has a window with fan mounting on one side, that can take a 120 mm fan. My question is, the side panel window has a thin plastic film on top of it. Should I remove the plastic layer? I have a fan fitted to the side panel, and I am not sure how air will go out if I retain the plastic film. Please see the area to which the arrow points in the attached picture. Regards