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  1. I Love this Series! it is come with so much Features! sadly...i heard from this Thread : http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/12695-so-sad-cooler-master-690-iii-case-discontinued/ when i heard this...omg im so disappointed...cuz i want to build new PC! this case brings so many features! it's almost Perfect tho...well some other Ppl say it's ugly case...for me? NO! "Don't Judge a CASE just by external look" Please Cooler Master...i want this case back! or just make the new ONE like 690 IV or something Thank you CoolerMaster~!
  2. N2O RadyanN

    CM 690 III Rubber Grommets?

    yo! i join this forum cuz i searching the rubber grommets for my cm 690 III so, i've searching for rubber grommets and i just found Cosmos II Rubber grommets in CM Store, Is that rubber grommets fit in to CM 690III??? here's the link : http://www.cmstore-usa.com/cosmos-ii-complete-cable-management-grommet-kit/ i live in asia, so is there a website for Asian? actually i live in indonesia, and what web is there sellin CM store Stuff like that?