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  1. Thanks for your suggestion and at first I thought you may have a point however I do believe that there is not an unreasonable amount of distance for the water to get to from the fans/reservoir located at the bottom to the pump 15cm up. That said I did try placing my mid-tower flat and upside down to simulate a raised and flat configuration. Unfortunately to no success. Im wondering if there maybe some kind of power setting that can be tweaked in the bios or through the board? The motherboard is an all singing all dancing unit with fan/cpu fans set to auto.
  2. None of these steps worked - the videos are nothing more than a product demo in my opinion (I watched these prior to buying the 280L) I'm starting to think the pump/motor is defective as no matter what I try the high pitch whine is still there. Regarding the headers, the fans/cpu block use 4pin headers (although only 3pins are used) so they connect stratight to my motherboard 4pin header (Asus X99S)
  3. Thanks I'll try this and report back!
  4. Recently I set about making my system ultra quiet - new PSU, new GPU etc... As part of this solution I also installed a Nepton 280L AIO unit - its installed into a Silverstone FT05 which fits quite well at the bottom of the case. Eveything is working great and the system is ultra quiet except for one thing - there is a constant whine from what I suspect is the pump/motor... This whine is actually giving me a headache and I guess I wouldnt normally hear if the rest of the system wasnt so quiet but I do and I'm contemplating returning the whole AIO unit for another brand. Obviously I thought I'd check here to see if anyone might know or suggest something I could check? Thanks in advance guys for any help! RIG: x99, Intel 5820K, Superflower Leadex 650W , Nepton280L