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  1. still the same situation, actually now when i reinstall the cm storm software (latest software downloaded from the site) the headset doesnt work at all... but uninstalled it still does the alternating thing
  2. i have not tried another pc, and as far as i know i am using usb 2, which are on the back. it is the strangest thing, it was literally working perfectly 2 days ago... could it possible be my usb drivers? i am willing to try anything at this stage
  3. Hello all I really really need help, i have the sirus cm storm 5.1 usb headset and i have encountered quite a frustrating problem and would really like some help in getting it fixed. To start off with, all the components are fine, and work. the speakers work well, and the microphone works fine as well as all the mechanical parts that go along with it. my problem is that my mic and headphones love to alternate. Meaning that when my headphones are working correctly. then my microphone wont work. and vice versa... i game alot and use teamspeak alot so as you can imagine this is quite a problem. i have tried downloading both the latest drivers for the headset and for the motherboard sound. none have yet to fix the problem. please please i really need help or this may result in me having to waste good money on another headset . I run the latest Windows 8.1 Msi military class 3 i5 Nvidia gtx 660 8gig ram etc etc i dont think this will have to do with my pc specs... anyway all help is greatly appreciated and i hope to hear from people soon