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  1. Thanks Patrick, but it looks like they may be on sale pretty soon Thanks knud, I'd looked at Overclockers & they were unsure as to when it would be available - but Alternate has it listed with a shipping date (17 days yesterday, 6 days today), so thanks for that
  2. Hi, trying to buy the Nepton 240M now... any idea when it will be coming to the UK / Europe? (or where I can ask such a question) I cannot find a single outlet with stock, and there is only one with it ready for pre-order - but they have no idea as to when it will be comming. I'd prefer not to have to order from the US / Canada if I can help it. Thanks
  3. Thank you Patrick, I thought that it probably would; but I thought it was best to check
  4. Hi, I have Corsair 250D case and was looking at the Glacer 240L as a CPU cooler... however, that is no longer listed on the website... Anyway, I'm now looking at the Nepton 240M. The question is; will the Nepton fit in a 250D case...? It looks like I have about 30mm for the tanks, so I'm hopeful, but would like to know if anyone's tried... Cheers