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  1. Hi, first of all thank you very much for your help and informations. I really appreciate that. Unfortunately "it's late" for that infos because I already found the solution: I asked to many many online sellers and believe me, they all didn't know what to answer to me because, for what I have understood till now, they used the initial description of the product when it came out on the market and in this period probably the socket lga2011 and 2011-v3 wasn't still on the market, so it was impossible to say that it was compatible. It has been interesting to see the description of the product to be not excat and updated, I can't image how many people in the last 1/2 years (the time that the socket LGA2011 is on the market) didn't buy the evo 212 in Italy and maybe in other countries of europe just because they couldn't read the correct compatibility description.. Anyway, I called a shop near my town, i asked by telephone if it was compatible with sk lga2011 and he said that it wasn't compatible.. later, after hours of questions and researches, I called again and I repeated the question asking for to check better.. I went to the shop and asked for a package of evo 212.. it is written on the box "lga2011", inside the box there are 4 screws for adapt it on the socket. That's good! I bought it .. I have noticed that thanks to me the same day the shop changed the official page of your item with the right complete description.. it happened to many other shops where I forced them to check about their items on sell but with old description info.. I deserved a discount for my help but nothing, they didn't... ehehe have a wonderful day and thank you very much again! ps: just one question: why the difference on the RPM fan 1600 vs 2000 between usa and eu market ? for what this difference ?
  2. Hello, i am from Italy and today I wanted to buy your item for my cpu i7 4820k / LGA2011. I ask to the shop and they sell only the version R1 and this version is not compatible with LGA2011. Is it correct ? I would like this cooler but I am afraid to buy a not compatible item. thank you for your help ps: i am confused because: - - - -