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  1. how i can open the devastator software to change the profiles? PS : OH There is no devastator software..
  2. guys its already replaced but the problem still remains
  3. Thanks, but I've purchased the keyboard from Bulgaria (website). I mean i've already requested and replaced it with a new one, but the problem its not fixed.
  4. what is RMA? How can I contact the support and what should I tell them?
  5. Yes I've tried, nothing changes and i've tried another keyboard on this system and everything works well. Now i dont have any problems its fixed, but if I shut down my computer and start it again the buttons will not work.
  6. Hi i just bought a CM DEVASTATOR KIT, and the mouse works fine, the issue is the keyboard... half ot he keys doenst work, all the line of keys from Q to P doenst work the numbers works fine, asdf doenst work as well none of the SHIFT KEYS or caps lock i dont know what to do. The first KIT that i've bought was bugged and i've sent it back and then the company replaced it with a new one (the current one) and its bugged also.. Please help me