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  1. CoolerMaster, promise the world [put in several drive cages, do this do that] but they don't have the parts and now case is discontinued. Stores ordering parts but nobody has a clue if it will be shipped. Now a new line MasterCase, all kinds of promises about configurability, will we see the same exact thing? Meaning sell the cases, never provide the parts? I suspect so. The US CoolerMaster store was bad, now it looks like a 12 year old web designer got at it. Great ideas, great promises, poor execution - why would a Cooler Master Rep not know what is going on and keeps posting sympathy for the customers HOPING Cooler Master MAY produce or ship products? Should the Rep KNOW what is going on? Who came up with this business plan? An eighth grade dropout? Why the disconnect between the manufacturer and the "stores" in the US and EU? Aren't they the same company or are they merely a second party DBA Cooler Master but not actually a part of the company? I suspect that is the case. Pun intended. How can a kit for the HAf stacker be OUT OF STOCK in the USA for well over a year? Weak, weak, weak. I'll tell you what I will be doing - looking at everything Cooler Master produces that is expandable with a very jaded eye. I will warn others that the promised expansion parts may never be brought to market, the reps know little or nothing. I doubt very much [dispite my good impression of the parts I do have] I would ever buy another Cooler Master product that would ever need replacement or additional parts in the future. Because Cooler Master can't be trusted to fufill it's promises, whatever the reason behind the failure [we the customers are never told the truth].
  2. I have a HAF Stacker 915-R I never used because CoolerMaster never had the drive bays in stock in the US, although that is why I bought it. Now it is discontinued and the promised many accessories [on Overclocker by Coolermaster rep] never made it to production I guess. Anyway, I have it with all parts and original box, let me know if you want it.
  3. I had the same problem from the first day. I could run a drive in the bottom tray but if I put one in the top tray it would overhead immediatly. The problem IMHO is a combination of things - rear 80mm fans are not in line with the drive bays, the hotswap backplane blocks airflow to the rear, and if you have a power supply that is not vented internally [my seasonic pulls air in from the bottom and exausts out the back with no internal draw] facing the drive bays, there is little or no air movement to the rear of the bays no matter what fans you put in the lower deck 80mm spots. Not to mention that cables coming out of the power supply contribute to the air flow problem, even if you have a mesh back power supply that can draw air. The size of your power supply can also be a factor even when using the supplied "extend to the rear" bracket. I purchased a longer externder for the power supply, which moved it back even further [ 1 and 1/8 inch], this improved the situation however now my power supply has a portion of the intake outside the case, not ideal. I finally realized that this situation was not going to get better, there is IMHO a design flaw here. So I came up with a better answer, and am implimenting it now. I purchased a ICY DOCK SAS/SATA three bay in two 5.25 mobile drive rack, on sale for $23 after rebate, built like a rock with a fan [removeable] on the rear. I put this Enterprise class rack on the LEFT side of the case in line with the 2x 80mm fans. Now, for a couple of bucks more than the power supply extender bracket, I have solved the hot HDD issue, dumped the flimsy, prone to shorting X-dock and it crappy trays, added another drive [three drives vs. two in x-dock], and have an impressive looking and fantastic working mobile drive rack. Now I have removed the x-dock, and intend to mount a laptop Bluray drive [with four SSD mounting points] in a 5.25 x 1 space and a AFT USB 3 / multi-card reader in the remaining 5.25 space. Niether need the cooling a spinning HDD requires to have any chance of living to the end of warranty. This will require drilling a few holes and cuting the front case metal, and the plastic bezel, but it has been done before and I will start on that part today for my case. Note I have the HAF-XB non-Evo, so I had to drill out the rivets on my case to remove the cages. I don't think you have that problem. I had consdiered even purchasing the EVO until I found out it had the same exact HDD x-dock overheat issue.
  4. I would suspect the two that protrude are to keep the mb in place while you put the first screws in, rather than it possibly sliding around. Just my thought.
  5. Get rid of the removeable drive trays.