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  1. I had this exact same problem, even with the revised controller. It just wasn't powerful enough to run my fans (noise locker e-loops), fine with the stock fans in the case but as soon as anything more powerful, buzz. I just got a cheapest fan controller from Bitfenix and haven't looked back. Plus I have far more control on the fans this way.
  2. Yes thanks, I receieved the modified controller in the end, however the new one wasn't powerfull enough to run all the fans I have, so I bought a seperate fan controller, problem solved.
  3. Spent hours removing it wiggling it in case of traped air but no luck, have arranged to return. Just for anyone else's reference another sign was the temps. 3c hotter at idle and 15c hotter under load than H100. Think I will look at custom loop instead, thanks for listening though
  4. thanks for the reply. I first thought that but have tried fans on their own and they are fine. Just recorded it on iphone which help easily identify the pump with the screen indicator. Have attached the audio, sounds like a 90's hard drive about to die. Nepton 280L.mp3
  5. I had bother when I requested a replacement fan controller for the Cosmos 2. Remember it taking an age to arrive. European support ignored me for ages yet when I spoke to American support I got an instant friendly response but they couldn't help with replacement. Seems like America gets A1 service still while Europe gets sub standard service for a premium product and price. I should have remembered this before buying the Nepton with issues. If I have to wait again I shall just return to supplier and stick to Corsair. It's really not acceptable to ignore any customers in such a competitive market or have service standards set by where you live.
  6. I have just been reading about issues with some 120 coolers but have not seen anything about it for the 280. The rattling is SERIOUSLY driving me mental, starting to regret swapping my H100 now which was faultless. Bought Cooler master as my case is awesome quality and I thought this would be the same. Any ideas? Any help? Anyone please save my sanity. thanks