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  1. cliffs of dover #1 ww2 flight sim star trek online....a grinding game company of heroes original....still the best of the series Hearts of iron rts ww2 game Alien isolation....finished it....very good game
  2. i guess its a 450w but if you read the conclusions it can dish out 500w...but i would upgrade dont want your psu pushing 100% all the time
  3. that one? 500 watts..what gpu?
  4. saipan

    Alien Isolation

    gets harder as you go, i am on the last misson..
  5. saipan

    Alien Isolation

    after the horrible game alien: colonial marines, alien isolation is a return to quality. If you are a fan of the 1979 movie and like the game play of bioshock this game is for you. of the 20 chapters i have done 16, I am stuck on 17. I would recommend this game.
  6. rma: return merchandise authorization. you need to get in touch with CM, they will give you a rma number and then you send the keyboard back. try this
  7. my i5 3570k at 4.2 at problems
  8. with corsair and now razer...i was wondering if CM will have one?
  9. get a WD black....more cache. as for the 280 nepton someone posted a pic they had to add a washer or 2 for the screws when using a hafx. scroll down to diamond photo
  10. should work but at the bottom it varies by country....thats very strange. guess we need an official CM response.
  11. if and when you do come to this site. best info and has the 3rd party mod which is essential.
  12. hi fellow CM fans. if your interested in the top ww2 flight combat sim check out cliffs of dover. if you need help ot have qestions i would be glad to help