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  1. Done, Patrick. Today I was able to submit the RMA request for my PSU. Thanks for your help On a side note, the "Server Error" appeared again when I clicked the "My Products" tab; but I reloaded a couple times and It was solved.
  2. Hello, This post is a follow up to the topic http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/12271-unable-to-rma-my-psu-desperate-dont-buy-cm-if-outside-usa/ which is now locked. I wanted to confirm to the CM Moderator "Inferno Storm" that In fact I have a valid US Adress for returning the replacement to. I don't have plans for traveling the US anytime soon, so I would like to be contacted by the US team via email to proceeed with the RMA request directly, instead of waiting for the IT team to solve the portal problems. On a sidenote, I logged in to my CM fanzone account, and tried to check my support tickets to see If there was any progress on that front, and I receive the following error message (Screenshot Attached): An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full So, at this point I'ts completely damaged and I cant follow up with Fellini. Awaiting for response, Eduardo
  3. Hello everyone, I'm writing this post regarding my futile attempts to create a RMA request for my Silent Pro M70 PSU since october last year. The automated process doesn't work for me. At first, I didn't even have an "RMA Request Button". After a long customer service conversation taking several weeks, I finally had the mighty button on my CM control panel. But I still cannot RMA my PSU because I'm outside USA, and even if there's a country drop-down list, the state slate is blank and the system doesn't allow me to go further. The most frustrating part of the process is that while I try to not be annoying and letting the IT department work, the system simply closes my case without resolving it, so I need to constantly re-open it. At this point I already bought another PSU from other brand, but I really liked the CM product and still wish to see this issue addressed. Is there anyone on the Cooler Master staff who can take my case as a human and help me RMA my product without waiting six months for the portal to work, or at least declining to offer support for people outside USA, so I can assume that I lost my money and never buy a CM product again? The customer service log is attached to the post for review. My ticket number is 00050791 Note: I made a mistake and published this topic in the cases subforum, so I'm reposting it here
  4. Hello Patrick, My ticket number is 00050791. I'm receiving support from Felinni M (super nice and fast to answer by the way). A couple of minutes ago he said to me that the case + screenshot was sent to IT for reviewing. I filled my profile information earlier, but only the *required fields. I just filled it completely but the button is still missing. Very thankful for any input you can provide Patrick
  5. Hello, I need to RMA my PSU, specifically the Silent Pro M700, and I'm having problems with the request. I already created a support ticket, and received a response telling me to follow this guide http://coolermaster.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/FAQ/How-to-obtain-a-product-replacement-RMA/?l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 I got stuck in step 6 because there is no "RMA Request" button under my product. It is under warranty until 2018, so I don't know what could be the problem. I tried with Chrome and Firefox. Thanks¡
  6. Hello, Has anyone found a solution to this? I need to RMA my power supply and I can't see the RMA request button under my product. Am I missing something out? Thanks