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  1. yes already done all your advices and the keyboard still have the issue it can appear also afther a day or an hour buut still there, the keyboard still not reconized sometimes. This is the only one Keyboard on all over the world that need to unistall all usb3 drivers and disable EXHC from bios to not work properly anyway! Please we need a real fix, quickly!
  2. Not working on my config, the keyboard still randomly not recognized, tested on other two motherboards with same result, obteined a new one keynboard from RMA and always same issue, please fix this shame problem by provide a new firmware motherboard tested: intel: dz77ga-70k Gigabyte: ga-z77X-Ud3H intel: DZZ87KLT-75K
  3. I have strange issue with this keyboard, randomly get disconnected and not recognized afther a reboot or a resume from sleeep mode, my motherboard intel DZ77GA-70 not have any problem with other usb firmware already installed biut always getting this issue....