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  1. I have tried attaching the fan to the bracket and then installing the fan/bracket assembly to the case. Unfortunately, my screws are not completely flush with the surface of the bracket and I cannot secure it completely to the case. It may be that I need to find new screws. I'm not even sure where to find fan screws. But on pg. 9 of the case manual, the diagram clearly shows the fan screws going up from the bottom of the case and attaching the fan to the bracket. This may simply be an error in my case. I've looked at those pictures and I can't really get a good look at how they were able to screw the fans in.
  2. Thanks. The weird thing is I already ordered a replacement bracket and discovered that the bracket wasn't the problem. It's actually the metal case which seems to have the holes misaligned. I'm not yet ready to take a power drill to my case.
  3. I'm just wondering if anybody else has been having this problem. I was hoping to put an extra intake fan in the bottom of my 690, but when I tried to put screws through the bottom of the bracket as indicated in the manual I realized that the holes in the bracket and the holes in the metal case are misaligned. Thus, the case is covering the screw holes in the plastic bracket. I can't mount my 120mm fan unless I tie it down, and that's just tacky. Anybody else having this problem?
  4. phineas

    CM 690 fan setup

    Blowing fans into the case would create positive pressure (pressure inside > outside). Having fans blowing out would create negative pressure (pressure inside < outside). The new Cosmos 1000 utilizes a negative pressure airflow design. Also, TabSpace, when you arrange your fans, keep in mind laminar flow. Try to keep your airflow going in the same direction. In the case of the 690, probably front-to-back, bottom-to-top.