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  1. @Ben Willis, same issues he has. I agree with you are saying.
  2. @knud, he has the the MasterCase Maker 5t. But you shouldn't have to do that.There should be ample airflow while the front panel is in place.
  3. My friend just got the CoolerMaster Maker 5t. And while it is a great looking case, his CPU temp is 10C hotter now. The front panel is very restricted it seems to allow enough air into the case and thus lower the CPU temps. Anyone here have any ideas how to combat this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. charles

    Silencio FP 120

    I heard they will be available in the U.S. in about 12 weeks
  5. charles

    Silencio FP 120

    welcome yes these are fantastic fans ! Will be getting more of them
  6. charles

    Silencio FP 120

    no, these are the same high static Silencio FP's that come with the Cooler Master Nepton 240M .I got them from Cooler Master themselves.Even got the rectangular rubber vibration isolation gasket as well
  7. charles

    Silencio FP 120

    I have 2 of the Silencio FP 120's ..OMG are they great fans !! They are quite and blow a ton of air ! Load temps on my Glacer 240L have dropped a few degrees nicely with these fans Highly recommended ..Corsair has nothing on these fans ., they are THAT good
  8. Any new info on when the Silencio FP 120 will be released ?
  9. charles

    Silencio FP 120

    January .Well all good things are worth the wait
  10. charles

    Silencio FP 120

    Great ! Thank you so much for the information ! Any word as to when they will show on the website or how much they will go for ?
  11. Hi ! Was wondering if anyone here knew if the Silencio FP 120 fans that come with the Nepton 240M will be available seperately ? I have the Glacer 240 L ,but would love to have these fans on it . High Air Pressure - 4.8 mm H2O and only 27 dBA(Max) is worth getting . Thank you in advance for any info